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Is going to two months

And I notice I have been not updating this space for quite a while.

What did I achieve so far? Pretty much.
  • Caught up with a few friends, mainly secondary schoolmates (March 09);
  • Learnt a lot of values from VE (March 09 - Present);
  • Met more new people on the streets (Feb 09 - Present);
  • Completed my exam (March 09);
  • Gotten myself a new acoustic guitar (mid March 09);
  • Waiting for Final Year Project (FYP);
  • Got selected for being the Emcee for International Student Seminar (but thinking of withdrawing myself).
Things seems pretty much well for me. Just that I don't have the time management. Pardon me, but guys, I'll try to find a day to meet up with you guys! (:

Meanwhile, I shall go back into where I suppose to be.

Catch you guys later. xDD

Memories are some awesome shits!

Is been quite a while.

Indeed, is been quite a while I last update. Heh. Due to my crazy busy schedule, I hardly had time for myself to relax. Needless to say, time to enjoy.

Anyway, first and foremost, I would like to wish my dad (old man), happy 55th birthday! Time for you to withdraw all your CPF (Central Provident Fund) fund and let me spend big time! WAHAHHA! I know, I'm such a awesome son. :D If you ever sees this. AHAHA! But is your money anwyay, I shall not touch it, unless necessary. LOL!

Anyway, I figure I would die anytime soon, without knowing it, perhaps drug overdose (due to having too much intakes painkillers), or a sudden increase of white blood cells in my body than red blood cells (due to having too intakes of panadol).

Why? Because recently, there's a sudden sharp pain, every now and then in my jaws and sometime gum. So in order to make myself comfortable, the only way is to take painkillers provided by doctors and panadol if I didn't bring my painkillers to school or out.

Still, I had went for check ups, even to the doctors who put my braces on, they said they can't find anything wrong with my jaw/gum. If you people intend to say that I have not sleep enough or had not lead a healthy lifestyle, please bother to tell me that. I tried that, and its only get the condition worst. I slept enough, ate those healthy food (economic rice) and took Milo instead coke whenever I had lunch or break.
Still, the pain persist. I wonder how do I make it go away. I don't smoke, so I doubt that is the cause. So, hmmm, anyone has any idea why? Sometime the pain is so unbearable that I feel like killing myself, but now I had it under control, somehow, I think? AHAHA!

Nonetheless, I didn't know my mother know how to make Chocolate Fondue, I only found out, after we had dessert during my dad's birthday, which the dessert is Fondue. Haha! Who wanna have Fondue, may wish to come over my house, but please book a appointment or something. AHAHA!

Anyway I hope this is post is long enough to keep you people entertain. Heh!

Oh, here's a little photo,

view image HERE!
Dad's birthday, Chocolate Fondue.

'If you knew, Peggy Sue, then you know why I feel blue. Without Peggy, my Peggy Sue.~'

I'm still alive.

Well, yes I am still alive, just can't find any time to do some/proper blogging. My schedule is so damn pack that I hardly find anytime for my ownself. Needless to say entertainment. I know I've no life.

Still, I'm alive, not dead yet. Just too damn busy!

Till then! And Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow Chinese friends in advance!
This is what I wrote in respond to Cassandra's MSN personal message.

'On a rainy day, alone walking down along the streets, with children splashing on puddles they can find, and their parent's one side watching for their safety. Thinking, how awesome if I was a child again. It makes me wonder, if am I actually all alone, facing this eerie loneliness. Does really no want wants me or I'm left alone in this world, because am I that incapable and or such? Everything flashing through my mind seems like lighting. Oh god, how I wish, there's someone accompanying me through all these, or least knowing how I felt. Like can someone send me a sign or a hint?'

With edited from the first version of course.

Sigh, perhaps that's what I'm facing now, I guess?

My life would be so much better if I had the following,
  • A personal recording studio, with necessary instruments;
  • A demo tape of my original materials;
  • A band (not compulsory);
  • In NAFA (Nayang Academy of Fine Arts) instead of ITE (Institute of Technical Education) (but decided to go for NAFA after ITE, if I'm eligible enough);
  • A record producer like George Martin;
  • A driving licence;
  • A reasonable pay job;
  • Start my own personal music publishing company (to publish my own material).

I guess that would be enough for the time being, my life will be more or less perfect with if I have those stuff in my life.

Not now, but maybe in near future. Ha!

Like I said, who will really read this and care about it anyway? Doubt I can even get into NAFA after ITE, with my current qualification, is a big no way!

Oh well. I guess, end of the day, I'm still alone. All by myself.

Emmeline asked me to update.

I've promised Emmeline that I will update my blog, and I shall update, despite I'm very sick.

But due to the pain which is killing me, I have no idea where or how I should start. I'm confused. Okay I know how I should start off.

I know this is a very late one, but I wish everyone a very happy new year. There! I got something updated. HAHAHA!

Still, nonetheless, I've no idea what to update about. Life hadn't improve since school closed. Now school re-open, the timetable for this whole term (January - March) is total bullshit. Average school hours is from 8am to 5pm. Means I got to wake up at 5am, and will be likely to reach home about 7pm?
I hate the new timetable to the core. But I was told to expect the worst by the second half of this year. Gees.

I sat down few days ago, thinking, am I missing too much in life? And I think again, I guess yes, I did miss out too much. Apparently, I no life at all. All I've been doing now till this day, was study, music, study, eat, sleep. And the whole process repeats all over again. HAHAHAHAHA! AWESOME RIGHT!? NOOOOT!

Aye, oh well, perhaps this year is not a awesome year for me after all. With all these, as followed,
  • Crazy school hours;
  • No life;
  • Meeting almost everyday;
  • Average 5hours of sleep or less;
  • Not much entertainment;
  • Making myself so no life.
But hey think of it again. 2009 could be a year where I 'maybe' realise my dream.
  • A driving licence;
  • One or more new electric guitars (with my money of course =.=);
  • Get to drive to school upon receiving driving licence;
  • Europe Trip with Tricia;
  • Start working on music again, attempt to push a demo tape by November 09 regardless in band or solo;
But still, my first priority is getting a driving licence. Gees, I can't wait to use a car for school than public transport. But either way is pretty fine with me. HAHA!

I know this is not a very proper post, but I will post one proper post soon! I guess, if I have the time.

Oh well.~
I didn't know why my brain is soooo good in thinking rubbish when is in idle state. Why can't it be like this and yet productive, during the little meeting I had just now during the midnight.

Still anyway, I think I didn't did much during the little meeting just now, I was either way off or just there stoning or trying to annoyed Peiqi or Sophia, or maybe Jasper.

Still I shall type whatever rubbish my brain had came up with before letting it slip into the recesses of my mind, again.

It goes like this.
Forgetting one thing you will not wanna remember is easy. Forgetting something happy is possible. Forgetting something hurtful is tough, but still within the range of possible. But forgetting one that you once admire or crush or fallen for, is tough, real tough. If you ask me, how tough? I would say, is a real pain in the ass.

I mean everyone do have crushes or least fallen for someone they like. I being a little weird, I will tend to like someone unknowingly, and someone who happen older than me. Before I know it, I'm already drowning in the pool of love? Sorrow? I don't know.

Of-course, is easy to get out of this nonsense, if I'm know what I am doing. But of-course, I tend to end up going in circle before getting out of the 'pool'.

To me, I have never enter relationship before, all I did was study other people relationship, the form and break up of one relationship, as to make me a better loving person (I guess and hope) if I ever enter the game call relationship or love.

But knowing I don't need any love or a partner now, so I don't know why I kept falling in love and making myself miserable for nothing. Weird eh? I myself till this day still can't understand, why I had fall over and over again without knowing it. Am I blindfolded in the first place? Or attractiveness that has charmed me, making me blindfold? I don't know.

Nor I don't think I need any answer. As I've no intention of seeking one.

Bet you people is confused with what I have written above. Well, I'm confused too, not only confused by what I've typed, also confused why I'm in all these without knowing it.

Oh well, that's life, I guess? We do stuff not knowing that we are actually doing it anyway?

Next up, here's a little small portion dedicated to 'Laydio Team', the online radio station I once was.
  • Jasper, started his own Robotics training company himself. Which makes me think of starting one music publishing/label records company for myself to produce my stuff (music), if I never get to make it to major/public label records.
  • Sophia, words can't really describe how awesome she is. Good at cooking and baking. I still miss the chocolate cake she made during her birthday. Great web designer. So see, how awesome she is!
  • Peiqi, another awesome lady friend I've known, I mean is a great pleasure to know her. Awesome in drawing and animation and other stuff I guess. She's pretty awesome to me, as far as I know.
And me, can't compare with them, I'm still pretty far ahead of them. I’m not that awesome compared to them.

If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side. Lol.
This is a very random post, so ya, do bear with me.

I SHALL PESTER MY DAD! For fun? He's quite nice to get me a expensive bass, and my desired bass, I shall not waste his money but to make full use of it. DUH! But! I'm greedy boy! I shall ask for more! Of course, not wanting him to throw 100% of his money into this 'confirm fail' investment. I shall throw in a bit too. Like maintaining of guitar, getting new instruments. And I somehow receive green light from him that he sort of allow me to change the cover body of my current bass from right-handed body to left-handed body (as is a symmetrically shape body and I played left-handed, though the strings have change to suit my handedness, it only shift the controls and jack input).

Speaking of my dad, I made a wild calculation that we do have a few things in common. Which are, we love to joke with our friends but not with our relatives. When we are quiet, we can be real quiet. And etc.

But of-course, we do have few things not in common, which one of it annoys me (not seriously, but in a not-so-serious way). I love music, my dad hates music. Although he do sponsor me instruments now and then, this is very sweet of him. I love to travel far, but not him. And the list goes on.

Anyway, OLD MAN (referring to my dad), if you're reading this, please don't skin me alive. Oh if you do, please let me know in advance, preferably within three working days time. :D

Still, life couldn't be anywhere better whereby dad still not knowing that I gonna rip him bomb next year, when I turn 18. I shall show my fangs on my birthday. HEHEHE! But knowing if he's going to spend a bomb on me next year, I shall quickly rip him off too, before this year ends too. ^^
I know, I'm a bad son. But I have to and will repay him, of-course. Like, treating him a Bottle of Coca Cola, or maybe a $2 chicken rice or something. Heh!

Side note: If above statement has provoked you, please clam down, is mere a joke, and being cheeky. The repay I'll return will of-course worth more than a plate of chicken rice. The scale of repaying is likely that even the total amount of money in his Central Provident Fund (CPF) can't even afford to get/buy it. It's something I call 'love from a son'. Eeewewwwewww, sounds so corny. *shiver*

Speaking of next year, I'm wanting my 'Giant Project' to be approve, so it might somehow change my mind from burning my school uniform when I graduate (December 2009). So help me god! I need you!

Also wanting to stop likening someone who I'm not supposing to by next year. Which I consider is the second worst mistake I ever did. The first is not ripping off more from my dad. HEH!

Still, music will still be my first priority in my life, sharing its priority is study. While followed closely second is my 'Giant Project', when upon approve and hopefully get approved, while lastly, romance? Maybe? I don't know.


Till then peeps! Take care!

Baby I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time, I'm afraid of the way I love you.

Life is just like twisting and shouting.

Gees, I just deleted the whole post I was typing since two hours ago.

Thinking and decided that I should keep it to myself, as I see no point of posting it here, letting the whole world know about it. Since is personal affiar. (:

Merry Christmas in advance (if I'm not updating this for the next whole week).

Twist and Shout! - Life is just like twisting and shouting.


Yes I know, if I don't update this space of my, it will enter the graveyard soon. Hahaha!

Anyway, I had finish completing another section of wiki I was doing early today. Anyway, was listening to a few songs today on my iPhone, and apparently, these are the top 25 played songs, I shall only list down top 5 of it.
  1. Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
  2. Back In The U.S.S.R - The Beatles
  3. I Wanna Love You Tender - Armi & Danny
  4. Get Back - The Beatles
  5. My Brave Face - Paul McCartney
How awesome is that?! LOL! I didn't know I listen to the above song so much other than I quite like the song My Brave Face. LOLOL.

Anyway, heard from Emmeline that Doris's will be reaching Singapore on Tuesday instead of today. ):

Kinda felt very pressure this December, with tons of stuff going on. I can't let my mind relax, somehow.

Damn! I don't know how to go on about blogging. I guess it all ends here.


A flood update!

Life had not been so fine recently. As is exam week this week, I know I shouldn't be here, but come on! Give me a break pal! I still got another paper to go before holiday.

But as far as I know, when holiday starts, it will be hell for me, more or less. As I have applied for a part time job (waiting for reply), to keep myself busy. Even without part time job, I will still be pretty busy. But not that kind of productive kind of busy. So since is going to be busy for me, I might as well do something productive during the busy period of my life.

Oh hey, side note a bit, Doris is coming back, real soon! :D

Other than that, or everything else stated above. Trivia stuff or summary:
  • Dad made me a guitar stands to hang my bass guitar, ukulele and my coming guitar.
  • Last paper is this coming Thursday, December 4th, 2008, which followed by then will be my holiday. But I had to meet Mr. Sim on my first day of holiday.
  • Doris is coming back on the December 13, 2008.
  • -I will likely to be start working on the December 5th.
  • Got to complete 'wiki' before school starts.
  • In love with someone who I shouldn't had.
There's more trivia stuff, but I'm too lazy to type all of them in.

Sigh, tough life.